Singing with data! Two choirs will sing songs tailored to your musical preferences

On October 29, a unique musical experiment will take place at JADS; can we filter what choral music (both modern and classical) you will like, based on your Spotify listing behavior, even if your favorite songs have nothing to do with choral music? We will test this during a live concert in the Chapel of JADS. Register for this using your Spotify account and we will compose a concert program that according to our data will match what you (and the other visitors) would like to hear. Whether Ed Sheeran dominates your top tracks, or you are secretly listing to Pitch Perfect all day, we will try to find the match in the choral music domain! During the concert we will test if our assumptions were right. Music meets data!

The recommender LAB of JADS will organize this unique concert together with two choirs: Popsoulkoor Rosmalen and the Strijps Kamerkoor from Eindhoven.

During the concert we will also work with the data, showing how we composed the program and measuring in an interactive way how the visitors experience the music. All of this in reference to the Den Bosch Data Week (DBDW)!